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My biggest takeaway from the Women Get Social conference last month, apart from some pretty epic inspiration, was that I need to seriously up my social media game. I’m so, so busy all the time and I use that as an excuse for half-assing my content but the reality isn’t that I don’t have time. It’s just that I don’t really have a schedule or framework to work from – a social media checklist, if you will.

That realization prompted me to scour the interwebs (Pinterest specifically) for something I could use that would be easy and all-inclusive. I found quite a few options. Some were more tailored to businesses, like this one:

Social Media Checklist | Adventures in Pinterest -

Others, like the one below, were definitely intended for bloggers.

Social Media Checklist | Adventures in Pinterest -

While they are both pretty awesome in their own ways, I knew that they probably wouldn’t work for me exactly as they were. That’s when I decided to make myself a template for a daily social media checklist – one that could be customized based on what I might have going on any given day. Plus, I like to hand write my to do lists so I knew I’d be more likely to use something in this format.

Social Media Checklist | Adventures in Pinterest -

I formatted these so I could get two to a page, cut them in half and clipped them to the super cute clipboard Megan over at MamaBub gave me for my birthday. This way, I can take my checklist to wherever in the house I might be working (this day is was my bedroom floor) and add/check off things as I go. It’s working pretty darn well.

Social Media Checklist | Adventures in Pinterest -

Want a cute social media checklist of your own? Just click on the image above and you can download or print right from there.

Social Media Checklist | Adventures in Pinterest -

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  1. Megan @ Mama Bub says

    GENIUS! I’m so blown away by these posts, because I just wouldn’t have thought of the things that the three of you guys did, but now I want THEM ALL.


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