Surefire Ways to be Mocked on the Metrolink

When we moved from Orange County to Lake Elsinore almost a year ago, my biggest fear was the 110 mile round trip commute. I did manage to find some reasons commuting isn’t so bad, but 7 months in I changed jobs and my world got shaken up a bit.

My new job isn’t as flexible in terms of schedule. I can’t get off until 5 pm which means that some nights I wasn’t getting home until 8 pm or later. Not cool. The upside, though, is that I found out that I can ride the Metrolink in to work thanks to the handy shuttle that picks me up at the Tustin station and drops me off at the front door of my office.

Riding the train has been quite the adventure. My first or second week I made a new friend (shocking, I know). I’ve also become super productive on my commute and spent a whole lot of time reading. Sometimes I nap and other times I chat with the people around me. It’s pretty cool. I’m not getting home much earlier riding the Metrolink, but it’s nice not having to drive.

The most interesting thing about riding the train is the people watching. So many different kinds of people ride the Metrolink. There are business people and students and families and random travelers. Some of the daily riders are the most fascinating of all – others are incredibly annoying. It’s a mixed bag.


Last Friday on my way home, several of us were waiting for our stop and tossing out train riding habits that are amusing and/or annoying. This is what we came up with. It’s by no means a comprehensive list.

  1. Pushing past all the other riders as you run to your car in hopes of not getting caught in the parking structure exit line.
  2. Holding up masses of people because you’re moving slow enough to play Candy Crush while you walk.
  3. Showing fellow passengers random YouTube videos of wildlife because they made the mistake of engaging you in conversation.
  4. Talking loud enough to be heard 3 cars down about things that nobody but you cares about.
  5. Applying makeup like you’re sitting at the Mac counter and taking up more than your share of the table in the process.
  6. Carrying 8 bags on the train and then being annoyed because someone wants to sit in the seat next to you.
  7. Openly swooning over the totally married guy who happens to stand in the same line as you.
  8. Being the married guy who totally flirts back.
  9. Completely unsolicited over sharing about your religious and/or political beliefs.
  10. Incessantly talking about how awesome and needed you are at your job to anyone who will listen.
  11. Tromping through the Metrolink cars to make sure you’re getting off at the exact right spot.
  12. Exposed dirty toenails in confined spaces. Enough said.
  13. Bragging about the Tiffany bowl you bought your wife for your 5th anniversary and then following it up by talking about what a pain in the ass she is.
  14. Adding this one from Wendy – Talking so loudly on your cell phone that the entire train is rolling their eyes and sighing in your direction to which you are 100% oblivious.

Do you or have you ever commuted on the train? Which people catch your eye?

Disclaimer: This is a non-sponsored post. I ride the Metrolink to work everyday but that’s the extent of our relationship. All opinions are my own (except those borrowed from my fellow passengers).


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    I used to commute on the Metrolink. For 6 years I did it and I think you missed one big one. :)

    Using your cellphone on the train and talking so loudly on the phone that everyone is rolling their eyes at you and you seem not to notice.

    Oh….and then there was the time that I was 8 months pregnant and the train was completely full because one of the morning trains had never shown up. So the train was packed all the way up to the doors. Jam packed! Well, not a single person offered to give me their seat. Not a single one! A group of passengers standing on the opposite door from where I was standing started to yell at the entire train car, “She’s PREGNANT!!! Really?! No one is going to move?! She’s PREGNANT!!!!!!!” Those passengers basically were bullying every male passenger to get up out of their seats….sadly, however,
    it was one older, female passenger that actually got up. No one else budged. Not a single man moved. So that, my friend, will also get others to mock you. Not giving a seat to a pregnant chick. :)

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    I get very weird when I see toenails that have not been trimmed since the signing of the Declaration of Independence. I just feel that if they are that long… you would notice them by tripping on them or snagging them on shag carpet at home. (just a guess, there will be some shag carpet in their house).

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