Easter Cupcakes . . . With Peeps!

I’ve always considered myself a winter person. I like dressing in layers and drinking hot beverages more than just about anything in the world. Granted, I live in SoCal so I’m not dealing with less than zero temps or anything. I’m sure I’d like winter a whole lot less if I was.

At any rate, I’m pretty meh about the spring. My black thumb prevents things like gardening and blooming plants just make me sneeze. And again, there’s that whole no seasons in SoCal thing so I’m not even sure I notice it much (apart from the frequent allergy attacks).

The one thing about spring that I’m not able to ignore, now that I’m somebody’s mom, is Easter. We aren’t religious in the least, but my kids are VERY interested in the Easter bunny and all the things that go with him. In an effort to care as much about it as they do, I always try to make some fun treats for them to share with their friends.

This year, it’s Easter cupcakes. And what’s more Easter-y than Peeps? Pretty much nothing. Even though I’ve never eaten Peeps, I know they are an essential part of the experience. Plus, my dad and sister love them more than anything (except marshmallow eggs) and I plan to make them eat my Easter cupcakes so I don’t.

Easter Cupcakes . . . with Peeps! -- chaosandlove.com

These Easter cupcakes are ridiculously easy to make. I used my favorite doctored-up cake mix batter, some homemade buttercream, and some coconut tossed in food coloring. The secret trick to keeping the Peeps on without worrying about any small children choking on toothpicks? Straws cut in fourths. Boom.

Easter Cupcakes . . . With Peeps! -- chaosandlove.com

And there you have it. Crazy easy Easter cupcakes you can take anywhere. And if Peeps aren’t your thing, still try this chocolate cupcake recipe. It’s amazing, I promise.


  1. Anna says

    I’m with Megan. You should try the Peep (but no peer pressure or anything). My kids will love these! Thanks for sharing, and I pinned it too!

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