Tattoo Heart Crochet Hat: New Listing

Please note: I closed my Etsy shop earlier this year. If you’d like to download this pattern for free, click here.

Sometimes ideas live in my head for a long time before I actually get around to making them into real things. In the case of this tattoo heart beanie, the biggest obstacle was wrapping my head around how to make the little yellow banners. My need for perfection often interferes with my ability to be creative, but I finally decided to just do it and I’m so glad I did because I love the way these turned out.


My inspiration for the tattoo heart beanie was my uncle who passed away 3 years ago. He had many tattoos but my favorite was the heart that said “Mom”. It’s funny how even the toughest of guys will always have a soft spot when it comes to their mama. I always think of that tattoo when I remember my uncle and thought it would be so cute on a beanie if I could just figure out how to recreate it.


The perfect occasion to make this hat presented itself recently so I decided to just do it. This one was actually for a little girl (who will undoubtedly have her father wrapped around her little finger within moments of birth) so I thought “Daddy” would be fun. The tattoo heart beanie listing allows customers to personalize the message on their hat so they can really say anything there as long as it fits on the banner.

I think these tattoo heart hats will be perfect for Mother’s Day or Father’s Day or really just any day. They will also make an awesome photo prop, especially for tiny newborns. I’m super excited to have them finally listed in the shop and can’t wait to see how creative people get with the personalization.

Want to order a personalized heart tattoo beanie of your very own? Click here and be sure to enter the code CNLBLOG for 10% off your purchase.



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