Revolt Fitness: The First Week

So let’s pretend I posted this Revolt Fitness update yesterday because that’s when I meant to post it. Then life happened and my kids were higher than kites and I had a conference call and nothing got done. Story of my life.


My first week on the Revolt Fitness program was good, overall. I didn’t stick to the meal plan the second half of the week because there was the 4th of July in there and my determination went out the window as soon as potato chips and dill pickle dip entered the house. That’s just kinda how it goes, unfortunately.

My biggest Revolt Fitness victory was keeping up with the workouts over the course of the week. The videos Nichole puts together are awesome and the workouts are deceptively hard. As in, you do them because it’s just 20 or so minutes and it doesn’t FEEL like a big deal but then you can’t walk the next day.

I ended up losing 3.5 pounds in week 1 which isn’t bad. I probably could have dropped a bit more had I not lost my mind mid-week and eaten ALL THE THINGS, but it’s cool. I feel so much stronger even after a week and I swear I can feel myself changing already. - To be healthy you need to eat right, exercise, and post about it everyday on Facebook.

My absolute favorite part of the detox week plan was breakfast which consisted of egg/egg whites and a banana which Nichole suggests blending up to make psuedo-crepes. I did this and it was delish! The combo makes about a million “pancakes” and they were almost like a sweet treat every morning. Yum.

This week’s Revolt Fitness menu calls for a fruit/yogurt/oatmeal parfait which I am eating but not super crazy about. In fact, I can think of about 82 things I’d rather have for breakfast. I really WANT to love nonfat greek yogurt, but yeah, I don’t. Any suggestions out there for making it taste less like chalk?

In exchange for an 8 week membership to Revolt Fitness,  I’m sharing my thoughts about the program and my progress. All opinions are my own. This post contains affiliate links.


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    When I first started Revolt it was hard boiled eggs and a banana…. It was hard t eat that many eggs at one sitting.

    If you don’t like the parfait go back to the eggs or another breakfast on the July plan. I’ve done that many times to mix it up once in a while.
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