Little Red Riding Hood Baby Shower

I was organizing my sister’s baby shower from the moment she told me she was pregnant. I mean, really, who doesn’t love an excuse to throw a fun party? And baby showers are WAY up there on my list of favorites. Even better, I got to plan the shower with sister-in-law Marie who was also my partner in crime for Dani’s bridal shower.

When we found out a baby GIRL was coming, things really got exciting! My brother-in-law was intent on pink everything, so I decided a non-pink themed baby shower made the most sense. I go with the flow like that.

Little Red Riding Hood Baby Shower | Chaos & Love

Our inspiration came from a combination of things found on Pinterest and The Google. Much of what we found was a little over the top for our at-home baby shower, but there were definitely some fun ideas out there.

Once we settled on the Little Red Riding Hood baby shower, a super secret Pinterest board was created. Between what had been pinned and things we dreamed up on our own a pretty cool shower was born!

Little Red Riding Hood Baby Shower | Chaos & Love

The drink table was a definite ice breaker at the party. We served sangria and iced tea plus bottled water and soda. The main event, though, was the hooded mason jar glasses assembled by Marie and Allie. Cute to look at, even better to drink from.

Little Red Riding Hood Baby Shower | Chaos & Love

Tables were decorated with red tablecloths, folksy flower arrangements and Pinterest-inspired paper bag utensil holders. I was a little worried that they’d be too plain, but they were perfect.

The Little Red Riding Hood baby shower food (which I was too busy eating to photograph) consisted of antipasto platters and dips for starters. The main course was veggie and chicken parm sandwiches, green salad, pasta salad and fruit salad. Our invitations told people to come hungry so we knew there needed to be plenty to eat.

For dessert we served two kinds of cupcakes, chocolate and spice, both with vanilla butter cream frosting, dirt cups (pudding and cookie crumbs), chocolate and vanilla dipped pretzels and macaron. Considering how little dessert was left, I’d say people liked it.

Little Red Riding Hood Baby Shower | Chaos & Love

Overall, the Little Red Riding Hood Baby shower turned out to be a smashing success. Many, many tiny pink gifts were received and everyone seemed to have a fantastic time – especially our guest of honor who is undoubtedly the cutest pregnant person I have ever known.

Little Red Riding Hood Baby Shower | Chaos & Love

Sadly, not pictured here are the Little Red Riding Hood guest book and tiny, gingham-lined baskets of candy that we gave out as favors.

Little Red Riding Hood Baby Shower Sources:

While many of the party details were done by us (along with the help of some uber-creative friends), some were outsourced to these amazing vendors!

Catering by Antonello Ristorante

Printables by Monkey Doodle Parties

Fondant Cupcake Toppers by Clementine’s Cupcakes

Rentals by Signature Party Rentals


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