Little Man Wallet Tutorial

At some point in every little boy’s life, he decides he needs a wallet. I didn’t realize we were anywhere near there, but recently Joey got tired of being the kid who brought his Friday lunch money to school in a plastic baggie and asked his dad for a wallet. I guess I don’t blame him.

Sal said he’d buy him a wallet, but I really wanted to something that would fit in his tiny little man pockets and I wasn’t sure how easy that would be find. I’m sure they exist, but I was also thinking it would be a super fun project for me to work on with the boys.

A quick Pinterest search yielded lots of great ideas, but nothing that was exactly what I wanted. I decided to a few ideas to create the perfect little man wallet. I love the way these came out and so do my boys.

Little Man Wallet Tutorial -

What you need >>

  • small pieces (remnants are great if you can find them) of coordinating duck cloth and cotton
  • small piece
  • 2″ piece Velcro
  • thread

 What you do >>

    1. Cut fabric as shown below. Cut interfacing 1/2″ smaller in length and width than cotton pieces.

Little Man Wallet Tutorial -

    1. Iron interfacing on both pieces of cotton fabric.

Little Man Wallet Tutorial -

    1. Fold both small pieces of fabric in half (wrong sides together), iron and then top stitch about 1/8 from folded edge.

Little Man Wallet Tutorial -

    1. About 1/2″ above raw edge, pin 1 side of Velcro on folded piece of cotton fabric. Sew around twice to ensure Velcro is secure.

Little Man Wallet Tutorial -

    1. On top edge of larger cotton fabric piece, pin the other side of the Velcro about 1/2″ from the edge. Sew as other side.

Little Man Wallet Tutorial -

    1. Stack fabric as shown above then place larger piece of duck cloth, right side down on top. Pin edges. Sew around using 1/4″ seam allowance, leaving a 2″ opening for turning. Clip corners and trim excess fabric to about 1/8″ to reduce bulk.

Little Man Wallet Tutorial -

    1. Turn wallet right side out and use a crochet hook (or other tool) to gently push out corners. Iron both sides, turning in 2″ space you left open. Sew closed by top stitching the upper half of the wallet about 1/8″ from the outer edge.

Little Man Wallet Tutorial -

    1. To make the monogram, trace letter of your choice on the non-waxy side of your freezer paper. Cut out negative space of the letter. Iron waxy side to outside top of wallet.

Little Man Wallet Tutorial -

    1. Using a paint sponge or brush, paint fabric. To avoid leakage, use little amounts of paint and brush away from freezer paper seams. Allow to dry and then repeat.

wallet-tutorial-paintLittle Man Wallet Tutorial -

    1. Once paint is completely dry, peel off freezer paper.

Little Man Wallet Tutorial -

And that’s it! This really is an easy project – even easier (I imagine) if you don’t have two antsy little men trying to help. This wallet fits right in their tiny jeans pockets – bills in the front pocket, coins in the back. I didn’t put a closure on the change pocket but you could definitely add some sticky Velcro circles (and I might end up doing this).

Looking for more little man-related tutorials? Check out the ones I’ve got pinned to my A Boy’s Life board on Pinterest.

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    • says

      Thanks, Artz! I let the boys pick out their own fabric and that’s what we came away with.

  1. Anna says

    Well done! I know that my kids would love to have wallets of their own, especially with custom fabric. Kids love to have places for all their treasures. Thanks for this!
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