WordPress Plugins Guest Post: In the Next 30 Days

You guys all know my friend, Anna, right? She’s one of my most favorite people ever. Also, she’s got a blog full of awesome 30 day challenges that never ceases to amaze me. I mean, I can barely make it through ONE 30 day challenge, let alone doing them month after month.

This month’s challenge over at In the Next 30 Days is all about blogging. Anna will be featuring guest posts from some of her most favorite bloggers throughout the month (as well as letting us follow along as her blog gets a new look). Each guest post features a  different aspect of blogging with a focus on things that are important for beginning bloggers to know.  Cool, right?

I’m really, really excited to be participating in this month’s challenge because it gives me the chance to geek out a bit and tell you more than you ever wanted to know about WordPress plugins. While I’m not an expert (duh), I’ve played around with enough plugins to give you my two cents on what they are, why you need them and which ones you need in your life.

And even if you’re an old blogging pro, you may want to check out my list because there might just be a something there you haven’t tried yet, right? And even if you don’t care AT ALL about what I have to say, you should swing on over to In the Next 30 Days to check out some of Anna’s previous challenges. I promise you’ll be inspired.

Wordpress Plugins Guest Post: In the Next 30 Days | Chaos & Love


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    Hi Jessica, found your blog through Anna’s. Both of you have been inspiring me so much with these great tips and posts!
    Just wanted to leave this note to say Thank you!



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