Menu Plan Monday

For the second Saturday in a row, I spent all my non-kid time in the kitchen and it was awesome. I used to think cooking everything ahead was weird {probably because it was never done that way when I was growing up}, but I am oh-so-thankful when I get home from work at night and there’s nothing to do but make dinner warm.

I don’t normally cook much of anything on to eat on the weekends, but Saturday I wanted “real” dinner. I dug around in the freezer, found some fish, and consulted my new favorite place on the interwebs, Chowstalker. I was rewarded with fish taco bowls from Stuff I Make My Husband. I halved the recipe and had the rest for lunch today. ZOMG, yum.


The menu for the rest of the week looks like this –

Breakfasts – Eggs with bacon or other protein, sauerkraut

Lunches – Mason Jar Cobb Salads {recipe to come}

Dinners – Greek-Style Lamb Meatballs & Cucumber-Tomato Salad on Sal’s day off, Paleo Shepherd’s Pie the rest of the week

I’m beginning to really like this whole meal planning thing. I’m not sure who I am anymore.