Smoothie Recipe | Superhero Sunbutter & Jelly

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Feeding little boys can be incredibly easy but also a little bit challenging. My kids will eat lots of things that most adults won’t eat (octopus, for example) but sometimes those normal, every day things you thought every kid ate? They won’t touch them with a 10-foot pole.

Smoothie Recipe | Superhero Sunbutter & Jelly -

The other thing is that they fluctuate between 2 and 7 meals, depending on the day. Joey has never been a big breakfast guy but Luke wants to eat the moment he wakes up in the morning. Joey is a bit of a grazer while Luke tends to eat whole meals. We’ve kind of encouraged them to listen to their bodies and eat when they are hungry so I can’t complain much about the schedule – it’s getting in all the good stuff I sometimes worry about.

Smoothie Recipe | Superhero Sunbutter & Jelly -

One way that we found makes it totally easy to do just that is smoothies. I mean, really, they’re the perfect kid food. They’re sweet, thick like a milkshake, and you can hide all sorts of nutritious things in them and they never even notice. Huge win for this mama. All the bases are covered when you toss in some Carnation Breakfast Essentials Powder which contains 21 vitamins and minerals, 13g of protein and and as much calcium as 6 oz of yogurt!

Smoothie Recipe | Superhero Sunbutter & Jelly -

My favorite smoothie recipe ingredient is spinach. I put it in mine and theirs because it’s such a great way to get a lot of green in one’s day. My trick for this is to put whatever liquid I’m using in the blender with a handful of spinach, turn it on and WALK AWAY. I’m not patient enough to stand there and watch so I empty the dishwasher or whatever while spinach gets nice and blended.

Smoothie Recipe | Superhero Sunbutter & Jelly -

I add the rest of the ingredients one-by-one after that, finishing with frozen fruit (usually bananas and berries) which I much prefer to ice – something about watered down smoothies really grosses me out.

Smoothie Recipe | Superhero Sunbutter & Jelly -

Finally, I add a fun little superhero cape. These are so easy to do and the boys have so much fun with them. I keep several different colors of each in my drawer and let the boys choose what color combo they want each day. All you have to do is take a 5×5 square of felt, gather it at the top by pinching between your fingers, fasten with an elastic hair tie. BOOM! You are now the coolest mom ever.

You can find Carnation Breakfast Essentials Powder (along with ready-to-drink shakes and bars) in the cereal aisle of your local Safeway store. Hang out with them on Facebook or find more smoothie recipe inspiration here.

Smoothie Recipe - Superhero Sunbutter & Jelly -


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