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If you saw my patriotic wreath roundup last week, then you already know I’m in the mood for all things red, white and blue. That’s why, when I saw this tutorial that my fellow Caffeinated Crafter, Cori of Let’s Eat Grandpa, posted for a patriotic windsock I knew it HAD to be my Pinterest adventure project for this month.

Patriotic Windsock | Adventures in Pinterest -

In her tutorial, Cori mentions that this project has potential to be an awesome stash buster – and it totally could be – but I didn’t a ton of red, white and blue hanging around so I went ahead and stocked up on appropriately patterned ribbon from the dollar section of Walmart. Between that and some yarn and tulle twists I made, it was a fairly inexpensive project.

Patriotic Windsock | Adventures in Pinterest -

Rather than using twine as Cori did, I made 4 ties out of yarn that I chain stitched to increase the strength of it. I tied the yarn around the embroidery hoop and tied them together at the top. I skipped the s-hook, mostly because I forgot to grab one when I was at the store, but that turned out okay. I just looped the knot at the top of my patriotic windsock over a tack that was already in my patio cover.

Patriotic Windsock | Adventures in Pinterest -

Overall, I’d call this project a Pinterest win. It took me less than an hour to put together and even my boys are in love with the way it came out. I’m planning to get supplies for a second windsock so we can have one on each side of the patio cover. I think it’s just the thing we needed to add a little color. And bonus, no one will hurt themselves running into a windsock the way they might if it was a plant or something more solid.


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