Finding a New Reality

So lately, life has been a little . . . challenging. Our thoughts have been consumed with some pretty crappy events and, as a family, we’ve been feeling kinda down. But today I read this on Primal Palate and it really spoke to me.

Finding a New Reality | Jessica Ferrara

It’s so true. Nothing good can come from thinking about the negative. And even less good can come from talking about it. We have no control over what other people do and say — only over our own thoughts and actions. And that’s pretty damn powerful.

So in keeping with the spirit of what Hayley said in that thought-provoking post, I want to start spending a little more time thinking about all that we have to be thankful for rather than obsessing on what we don’t have.

We have happy, healthy children.

We have each other.

We have amazing, supportive families.

We have some really great friends.

We live in a place we love.

We have jobs that don’t suck.

There really is so much to be thankful for if only you stop and look for it. Those things are going to be the focus of our new reality.


  1. Anna says

    YES YES YES! I need to print this out as a constant reminder. The negative is so much easier to focus on, but the positive is what makes life worth living.

  2. says

    I cave to your page looking for the mermaid tail to show Sophie and came across this. I needed it, so thank you. <3


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