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In case you haven’t been following along at home, my life has been crazy. All those people who thought I was too busy before changing jobs? Look at me now.

Here’s a quick run down of my day.

5:00 am – Out of bed.

5:30 am – In my car

6:00 am – First coffee of the day.

6:30 am – On the train.

7:15 am – On the bus.

7:45 am – Second coffee of the day.

8:00 am – 5:00 pm – A blur. So, so busy.

5:05 pm – On the bus.

5:30 pm – On the train.

6:20 pm – In my car.

7:00 pm – Home.

Rinse, lather and repeat – Monday through Friday.

Not a whole ton of time left over for making dinner or snuggling with my boys or really a whole lot of anything other than sleeping when I get home. And for the record, I am totally not complaining. Just giving y’all the run down because this insane schedule has been my excuse for eating like crap for 2.5 weeks.

I’m tired of crap food, though. I want real, warm, home-cooked food so I asked Sal to give me some ideas for a quick and easy recipe I can make and eat between running through the front door to kiss my babies goodnight and falling into my bed. Obviously, I could have found some fab things on , but what’s the point of having a chef for a husband if he’s not going to be helpful with these things, right?

Tortellini Alla Panna: Easy Recipe + Life Lately | Chaos & Love

So tonight, I stopped by Vons on my way home and grabbed a box of Three Cheese Tortellini, some heavy cream, mascarpone, Parmesan and chopped hazelnuts. Easy recipe with an even easier set of instructions.

Tortellini Alla Panna: Easy Recipe + Life Lately | Chaos & Love

Then I came home and set the kids up at the bar so we could chat while I cooked. They “drew” pictures of Santa. It was awesome. At the same time, I cooked what might be the easiest easy recipe ever. No joke.

Tortellini Alla Panna: Easy Recipe + Life Lately | Chaos & Love

Want to try this ah-mazing easy recipe at home? Vons is currently running an in-store special for $.75 off the purchase of ONE (1) package of ® Tortellini. Easy AND cheap – my favorite kind of dinner to make!

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