Coffee and Butter?

I literally laughed out loud when I saw this coffee and butter mug from Liz Wolfe’s new Real Food Love collection. And then I ordered one before they were all gone.

Coffee & Butter | Chaos & LoveImage Credit: Cavegirl Eats

Meanwhile, you’re probably thinking “coffee and BUTTER? Blech!” I thought that, but now I rarely start a day without a cup {or two}.

I first heard of this magical concoction on the Balanced Bites podcast. They mentioned Bulletproof Coffee a couple of times before I decided to give it a try. My version is a little different because I just use regular coffee and no MCT oil {mostly because I have no idea what that is}.

Here’s what I do:

—> Brew a 10-12 ounce mug of coffee in my Keurig – sometimes flavored, sometimes not.

—> Add coffee and about 2 tablespoons of UNSALTED, grassfed butter {Kalona Super Natural is my favorite} to my Ninja.


—> Blend until frothy.


I promise if you can get past the “ZOMG, BUTTER IN MY COFFEE?” part of this, you won’t regret trying it. It’s so good.

And if you’re worried about the health implications of all that butter, you can read here all about how grassfed butter isn’t as bad for you as you may have thought. In some circles, it’s actually considered a bit of a super food – especially when compared to the chemical-laden creamers and sweeteners most people are adding to their coffee.

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  1. says

    Um. How did I miss this? Do you think I could do it with an emulsification (that’s really hard to type) blender? I don’t have a Ninja, and my blender stinks. Also, I wonder if Ghee would work- I have a whole tub of it. I’d like it to be morning please. :-)

    • Jessica says

      I definitely think an emulsification blender would work. Anything that mixes. And I’ve been wondering about ghee so let me know if you try it.



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