Books & Snacks! Oh My!

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I have a confession.

My kid does not love reading.

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If you know me at all, you will understand that this is heartbreaking for me to admit. Growing up, I was always that kid with a book in her face. I read everything I could get my hands on – appropriate for my age or not. And although the crazy pace of adult life has necessitated a switch from “real” books to audio books, I still love books as much as I did as a kid.

Joseph, on the other hand, could not care less about reading. I can’t quite put my finger on why, though. I suspect that it’s just because he doesn’t yet understand all the magical places that books can take you. Because that kid has an amazing imagination so you’d think reading would be right up his alley.

Stock up for BTS with Kellogg's at @SamsClub -- take advantage of the 2 Scholastic books offer on specially marked packages. #BacktoSchoolStockUp #ad #cbias

Lately, we’ve been working really hard at encouraging him to read. He’s basically at grade level with his skills, but I know he could do so much better – smarty pants. It’s just so hard to foster a love of something so sedentary in a kid that never, ever stops moving. These days, he’d so much rather be throwing (or kicking) a ball than reading a book or even watching TV. Which is great in some ways, not so much in others.

This past weekend, we stopped by the Kellogg’s product demo at our local Sam’s Club. Can you tell how early it was? Do your kids like these demo stations as much as mine? We were treated to some Pop Tarts this week which was pretty exciting since we don’t normally have them at home.


We ended up picking up a box of Rice Krispies Treats in the end. Luke is a HUGE fan of them and they are something quick and easy that we can toss in Joey’s lunch. Plus, there are TWENTY-FIVE individually wrapped bars which means they will last a while. You can choose from a huge variety of specially marked packages – many of which were right at the front door to our Sam’s.

Stock up for BTS with Kellogg's at @SamsClub -- take advantage of the 2 Scholastic books offer on specially marked packages. #BacktoSchoolStockUp #ad #cbias

So how are we encouraging reading at home? Well, I’m trying to turn reading time into kind of an event on non-sports nights. We grab a snack, something to drink and gather together on the couch. Joey and I read, Luke listens. It’s been really good for us all to have that dedicated time together. Plus, Joey’s skills (if not interest) are improving.

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Wanna sample some yummy snacks + get YOUR kids excited about this fun offer? Check out this list of Sam’s Clubs with demos to find one near you on 8/22/15 and 8/23/15!

Stock up for BTS with Kellogg's at @SamsClub -- take advantage of the 2 Scholastic books offer on specially marked packages. #BacktoSchoolStockUp #ad #cbias


  1. says

    My training is as a special education teacher, and I studied early literacy extensively. My suggestion is to provide him with a literacy rich environment that includes not just regular books, but anything he could read: menus, comic books, apps that require reading, videos with reading opportunities, trading cards, etc. See if you can find ways to extend his definition of literacy to include activities he may really enjoy! #client

    • Jessica Ferrara says

      So funny you said this because it’s EXACTLY what my sister, also a special education teacher, said to do. And we are working on it.


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