Paleo Foods: Things I Always Have on Hand

Before I embarked on my Paleo journey, I read 82 books and a million blog posts to get prepared. One of the things I found myself really wanting was a basic list of Paleo foods. I had a decent grip on what foods I couldn’t eat, but what about the ones I COULD eat?

After some experimentation and time, there are now a lot of items in my kitchen that didn’t live there before I adopted a Paleo lifestyle. Some Paleo foods are more interesting than others, but they all serve a purpose and I definitely wouldn’t be eating them if I didn’t like them. Wondering what my favorite Paleo foods are?


Coconut oil is our go-to cooking fat these days. Olive oil oxidizes at high temps making it a better option for salads and finishing. Coconut oil is a healthy saturated fat and can be absorbed/used readily by your body (which is a good thing). Also, it’s delicious with everything from eggs to asparagus making it one of my absolute favorite Paleo foods.

Fermented veggies are a favorite of mine. I’ve always loved sauerkraut but I never realized that it’s fermented (or really what that means) until I started making my own. I generally eat about ¼ cup a day either in the morning with my eggs and bacon or as an afternoon snack.

I’ve been making homemade bone broth weekly (using this recipe). I’m still getting used to incorporating it in my daily diet, but everything I read tells me it’s magical so I’m trying. Cooking bones for a day or so produces a gelatinous-when-cold broth that provides a ton of minerals AND it’s said to be really good for reducing inflammation in the body + healing the gut.

Paleo Kits are the pretty much the perfect snack. A combination of grassfed jerky, dried fruit/coconut flakes & nuts, they are an easy solution for those times when you need to grab something an run which can be a bit of a challenge when it comes to Paleo foods. A little protein, a little fat and some carbs all in one handy package.

Eggs are consumed daily in our house. If they aren’t served for breakfast (scrambled with bacon and topped with avocado), they usually make an appearance in hard-boiled form as a snack later in the day. And no, I’m not worried about my cholesterol.

Ground meat is such an easy protein option. I’ve been buying the grass fed ground beef variety from Trader Joe’s freezer section and using it a lot, but we also like ground pork and lamb. Ground meat can be seasoned up a million ways, mixed with veggies, rolled into meatballs – it’s so versatile and EASY.

Kombucha is fermented tea. I liked it from the first time I tried it, but you might have to develop a taste for it. From what I’ve read kombucha provides more probiotics per serving than yogurt and also a wealth of B vitamins. It’s pricey in stores, but I’m hoping to start brewing at home in the very near future.

So tell me, what Paleo foods are in your kitchen?


  1. says

    How very interesting!! I love this. I also love sauerkraut.

    They have a great organic grass fed three pack of ground beef at costco. I always have that.

    • Jessica says

      I think I need to spend more time at Costco. I was reading an article the other day about all the grass fed meats they have there.

  2. says

    I haven’t investigated the Paleo lifestyle yet, but you just made me feel a whole lot better about serving ground meat and eggs :-)

    My go-to snacks are rice cakes with or without peanut butter (inspired by my newly gluten-free dad) and my frozen banana treats – take a banana, slice it in half longways, put peanut butter in the middle, put it back together and freeze. Other than that, the guaranteed-to-be-found dinner foods in my house are pasta and red sauce, a freezer full of Alaskan salmon (I’m spoiled by this!), and what my kids call Emergency Dinner (Trader Joe’s Mandarin Orange Chicken and frozen brown rice).

    Does coconut oil make things you cook in it taste coconutty?


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